Beta Reading is in progress!

I printed out Growing Up Itchy in it’s entirety the other day, and it was exciting – something about holding that fat stack of paper was momentous.

The manuscript is in the hands of a few families now, and they’ll be giving me feedback once they read through it, red pens in hand. I’m blessed to have such great minds to help!

Next steps:

  • Beta readers return marked-up manuscripts to me
  • I finish the cover design
  • I publish on in paperback and e-book format
  • I continue working on book 2
  • The next email from me will be when I get my cover design completed.

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2 thoughts on “Beta Reading is in progress!

  1. Marcie tinkle

    Read “growing up itchy this morning”…enjoyed it immensely! Looking Forward to the “The Struggle Bus”

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